Western Skies offers a vast array of services. What ever we assist you with, it is bound to add value to your project or land. We have a range of services to assist you.
Feasibility& Due Diligence
Market Studies
Operational Procedures
Horizontal & Vertical Const.
Sales & Marketing Programs
Temp. Staffing

Western Skies can be a priceless resource:

• Property Owners:
Property owners can take advantage of our entitlement expertise. Why sell un-entitled land? Let us entitle your land and increase the value. We can also enter into Joint Venture to develop your land.

• Builders and Developers:
Western Skies has experienced professionals that can fill the void that your current staffing level may not permit.
We have experienced VP’s of Operations, Project Managers, Superintendents, Customer Care Representatives, etc.
Our professionals are available on a short term or long term basis.

• Owner Builder:
Have you dreamed of building your own home or becoming a developer? Why wait another day? With Western Skies years of experience and resources we can make your dreams come true. Western Skies can supply the road map to get you on the path to success.

• Real Estate Brokers:
Weather you searching for a buyer or looking for property, tap into our resources and find what you’re looking for.

• Real Estate Investors:
Let Western Skies find the perfect project or property that fits your needs.

• Do you need a GC?
Western Skies professionals along with a vast and competent sub base are ready for any type of project. We have
Experience in almost every type of construction. Please see our projects page for some of the projects the team has worked
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